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Mother and daughter engaged in learning

"This site and company is going to make a ton of money i want to join the team from ground up to bring this in to the next generation/wave of the future - please give me some insight on what i can do to be a part of the team and the action" - Jeffrey Amoako

"We loved the Twi-language CD ROM, as we are trying to teach our children Twi.The images and simple games were wonderful. I don't think you need the English words at all, as the images are all highly recognisable objects. If you do bring out a CD ROM in Twi only please let me know, as this would be extremely useful. In fact, do let me know about any new Twi products you produce, as they are few and far between. I really applaud what you are doing and hope your business thrives." - Omma

"This is great. well done" - Sampson

"I thank you for your effort to promote african language to our children"- mikona kasayi

"I must say i was really pleased when i saw your advert on tv. I can't wait for the Yoruba version to be out. I must commend those who came up with this idea. WELL DONE!" - OLUWAKEMI ADAMS

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