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1. CrossDialect Interactive Learning CD

The product is made up of an interactive learning cd and a booklet based on the letters of the alphabets. It enables one to learn and speak an African language. It has voice files and animation making it self-interactive for children primarily from the ages of 5 years and also adults who wants to familiarise themselves with speaking and learning the language.
The CD and Booklet allows for an easy and fun way for children to learn another language in the comfort of their homes. The product is currently available in 3 Ghanaian dialects namely; Ashanti Twi, Ga,Ewe and Nigeria - Yoruba.

2. CrossDialect Mobile Apps -Learn How To Speak Ashanti-Twi:

This is a mobile apps only for Android Phone users (HTC, Samsung). It is made up of 10 menus to select from such as Greetings/responses, Telling the time, Parts of the body and Days of the Week. There is a free menu trial on Greetings. A paid full version is 1.25 pounds per download.
Please click the CrossDialect Apps link below to install at googleplay
CrossDialect Apps - Learn and Speak Ashanti-Twi

3. Commonly Used Phrases in Ashanti-Twi on DVD:

It is made up of basic lessons on how to count,parts of the body, how to tell the time, how to greet with responses amongst others. It has voice files and animation making it self-interactive for ages to learn and speak the language.

The functionality is available to produce and translate CrossDialect products in any language.

Cross Dialect Translation CD and Booklet Commonly Used Phrases
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Ga or Ewe or Yoruba demo
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